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Under The Sea With The Seattle Aquarium

May 2, 2023

Visiting Seattle's headquarters for ocean conservation work

This gem of an aquarium can be found on the Seattle waterfront, just passed Pike Place Market. The Seattle Aquarium is a marine conservation organization that focuses on studying our ocean and their occupants with the intent to better understand how to protect and care for them.

Caring for our waters is a big job and can only be accomplished when our communities are involved. That's why the Seattle Aquarium works so hard to educate their visitors and neighbors on how they can help, all while introducing them to the wonderful beings that live right here in our aquatic backyard.

The Seattle Aquarium is also working on a brand new exhibit, The Ocean Pavillion, and expects to complete it in 2024. The new exhibit will actually feature animals from waters far from here, but waters that struggle with the same challenges we do. I know that I will definitely be returning when it's completed.

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