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From Birds to Bears at Woodland Park Zoo

June 16, 2023

Spending a day exploring Seattle's diverse nature conservatory

Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo is home to roughly 300 different species of animals and over 1000 species of plant life. This nature conversatory has seen a lot of changes over the decades and serves as a place to study the species call it home and encourage community involvement in their conservation.

Zoo admission fees assist in Woodland Park Zoo's mission to help endangered animals and protect their habitats.

And they aren't done yet. Woodland Park Zoo is currently working on a massive project known as Forests For All. This project aims to bring the community together to help restore and protect our forest, providing habitats for the animals that need them and much-needed solutions to help fight climate change.

The Forests For All Exhibits, known as the Forest Trailhead, is expected to open in 2026.

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