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Service Learning Project: Knitted Knockers

April 16, 2015

A special project to work with the nonprofit organization: Knitted Knockers

This project was extra special, because it gave us the opportunity to work with people outside the college and really do some good. We were to assist with securing grant money, connecting with volunteers and other task to help with our nonprofit of choice.

We chose to work with Barbara Demorest and her organization: Knitted Knockers. She (and her army of volunteer knitters) knitted breast prostethics for women who have had to undergo mastectomies for breast cancer. (She was absolutely fantastic, by the way.)

Within our group, I was tasked with creating promotional materials. One would be a brochure to introduce potential sponsors to the organization and the other would be a flyer to be left in knitting shops to bring in more volunteers.

To this day, I think this is one of my proudest achievements from my days at WWU.

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