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You can call me Raey. I'm a copywriter, amatuer photographer and nature enthusiast.


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A Little Bit About Me

My path to get here has been... erratic, to say the least. The only consistency throughout my crazy life would have to be my love for telling stories; written and visual.


This love has passed through many faces as I've grown. When I was starting high school, I wanted to be a fantasy author. Upon graduation, I shifted to journalism. When that fell through as I graduated community college, I found myself pursuing technical writing and communication. And once again, it shifted to an interest in copywriting  and photography after I found my first career job as a web builder.

After being laid off in 2018 due to lack of available work, I chose to work retail for a while and take the time to narrow down my focus and really lock onto where I wanted to be. It was only supposed to be for a year or two while I worked on getting my metaphorical ducks in a row. But then 2020 happened... and I think we all know what happened there. 

With the world returning to normal (or as normal as it's probably going to get), I think it's time that I try to do the same. My passion for storytelling has remained strong, even with the absolutely chaos of the last couple of years and I know that I belong somewhere that I can do just that.

Stories can teach, inform, entertain, inspire, and so much more. It's amazing what words on a page can do and how far they can reach. That is why I chose the path of a copywriter. I want to use my skills as a writer to lift others up and bring better things to the world. 


So tell me: what's your story?

Let Me Tell Your Story

Pictures Are Frozen Memories

Photography is an old passion that fall as far back as high school, but has seen new light within the past few months. To me, photos are frozen memories. They can take you back to the moment they are taken from, reviving thoughts and emotions from that time.

While I take photos are whatever interests me most at the time, I find that I tend to return to animals and landscapes more than anything else. Perhaps it's because they bring me peace and I want to share that peace with others that couldn't come with me for that experience.

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